Go Tell It On The Mountain (1953) – James Baldwin

This week sees me reading something a little different from my usual escapist fare. Recently LeVar Burton began a reading club on Fable, and while I can’t access it in Canada, they did list the first three books he was recommending, and Go Tell It on the Mountain was at the top of his list….

Raise the Red Lantern (1991) – Yimou Zhang

The next film in DK Canada’s informative and entertaining The Movie Book is this beautifully shot Chinese film starring Li Gong. Set in the 1920s, Songlian (Li) elects to become the fourth mistress of a wealthy lord, Chen Zuoqian (Jingwu Ma). She soon finds herself enmeshed in the rules of the household, and the scheming…

Natural Born Killers (1994) – Oliver Stone

When you combine a story by Quentin Tarantino and the directorial style of Oliver Stone, you know you are going to get something unique to filmmaking, and Natural Born Killers is very much that. It is also the title on the What Else to Watch list from DK Books’ The Movie Book following their recommendation…

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1994) – Paradise, and Shadowplay

Station log: stardate 47573.1 Jeff King, Richard Manning and Hans Beimler penned this episode from a story by Jim Trombetta and James Crocker. It first aired on 13 February, 1994. Commander Sisko (Avery Brooks) and Chief O’Brien (Colm Meaney) are on an exploratory mission on the farside of the wormhole on the runabout Rio Grande,…

Brief Encounter (1945) – David Lean

  I dive into the recommendations for the Romance and Melodrama genre following my screening of Casablanca for the Great Movies – 100 Years of Film book and first up is the David Lean film, based on the play by Noel Coward, Brief Encounter. Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard star as Laura Jesson and Dr….