Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1994) – Tribunal, and The Jem’Hadar

Station log: stardate 47944.2 Avery Brooks directs this episode from a story by Bill Dial that sees O’Brien (Colm Meaney) stuck in a Kafka-esque nightmare when he seized and arrested by the Cardassians, purportedly for working with The Maquis. Charged with an unknown crime, all we know from past experience is that Cardassians courts, are…

Mind Reels Chats Badsville (2017)

BADSVILLE (2017) (imdb: Twitter: @BadsvilleMovie) Director: APRIL MULLEN (imdb: Twitter: @AprilMullen88) Producer: DAVID J PHILLIPS (imdb: Twitter: @DJ_Phlips) Writers/Stars: IAN MCLAREN (imdb: BENJAMIN BARRETT (imdb: Twitter: @BenABarrett) Very Special Guest: EL PERRO For video version: Badsville is now available On Demand, iTunes, VuDu and Amazon Prime For bonus content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!