Eat Wheaties! (2021) – Scott Abramovitch

Sid Straw is a loser. At least, that’s how he’s introduced to us at the start of Eat Wheaties!, a simple yet funny film directed by Scott Abramovitch. Brought to hapless life by actor Tony Hale, Sid lives alone, and hangs out in his drab corner office, occasionally chatting up co-workers who can barely stand…

Mind Reels Chats Badsville (2017)

BADSVILLE (2017) (imdb: Twitter: @BadsvilleMovie) Director: APRIL MULLEN (imdb: Twitter: @AprilMullen88) Producer: DAVID J PHILLIPS (imdb: Twitter: @DJ_Phlips) Writers/Stars: IAN MCLAREN (imdb: BENJAMIN BARRETT (imdb: Twitter: @BenABarrett) Very Special Guest: EL PERRO For video version: Badsville is now available On Demand, iTunes, VuDu and Amazon Prime For bonus content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!