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The Killing (1956) – Stanley Kubrick

  The next recommendation from the Great Movies – 100 Years of Film book for my viewing of Rififi is this classic Kubrick film, which before today, I’d only heard … Continue reading

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This Island Earth (1955) – Joseph Newman

A flawed but enjoyable space opera is my next port of call in the Sci-Fi Chronicles book, and is notable also because it was one of the first color science … Continue reading

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Issues Vol. 14

A bit of a quiet week for my pull-list at West End Comics, but Kirk keeps me informed of what’s coming my way, and there is plenty of good stuff … Continue reading

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Doctor Who (Tom Baker) – The Brain of Morbius

The Doctor (Baker) find himself in a riff on the classic Frankenstein story in this four part story written by Robin Bland (a pseudonym for Terrance Dicks and Robert Holmes). … Continue reading

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Astro Boy (2009) – David Bowers

The Sci-Fi Chronicles book has been a lot of fun so far, and it’s also introduced me to a lot of things I was aware of, but had never seen. Astro … Continue reading

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Turbo Kid (2015) – Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell

Opening today in select Cineplex theatres across Canada as well as being available on VOD tomorrow is this delightful, bloody, and funny film that pays homage to all those  sci-fi actioners … Continue reading

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Magnum, p.i. (1984) – The Case of the Red Faced Thespian and No More Mr. Nice Guy

It’s back to Hawaii for more fun with Thomas (Tom Selleck) and the gang! First up is The Case of the Red Faced Thespian, written by Robert Hamilton. This episode … Continue reading

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The Killing Circle (2008) – Andrew Pyper

I dove into another Andrew Pyper book, Lost Girls is still waiting for me, and I was a little unsure about this one to start. I mean, I like the idea, … Continue reading

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The Greatest American Hero (1983) – Space Ranger and Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo 

If this beloved series was getting shakey before, we can see now that the show is starting to fall into real trouble. First up is Space Ranger, a story hinged … Continue reading

August 25, 2015 · 1 Comment

A HPLHS Double Feature – The Call of Cthulu and The Whisperer in Darkness

The good folks over at Raven Banner, and GAT PR were kind enough to invite Sue and I over to chat with them the other day, and I was lucky … Continue reading

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