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Pines (2012) – Blake Crouch

As I write this, I have not watched any of the show, Wayward Pines, that takes its guidance from the novels by Blake Crouch. I thought I would read the trilogy … Continue reading

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Inner Demons (2014) – Seth Grossman

Releasing today from Anchor Bay is this little horror film that follows through on an idea I’ve often toyed with writing up myself, the idea of possession and addiction… science vs. faith, … Continue reading

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The Greatest American Hero (1982) – Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell and Divorce, Venusian Style

In this week’s installment, we straddle two seasons. We finish up with Season 2, and plunge into the 3rd and final season of this beloved Cannell series. Up first is … Continue reading

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Queen Christina (1933) – Rouben Mamoulian

My time with Greta Garbo continues as I continue to explore the recommended titles from my viewing of Anna Karenina for the Great Movies – 100 Years of Film book. … Continue reading

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Batman & Robin (1997) – Joel Shumacher

Ugh, and you thought Quest for Peace was bad. My time with the Dark Knight hits an all time low as my journey with the Sci-Fi Chronicles book continues. This … Continue reading

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Issues Vol. 11

It was a quiet week for me at West End Comics this time, which isn’t a complaint, as there seems to be so many other things going on in my … Continue reading

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Doctor Who (Tom Baker) – Revenge of the Cybermen

Tom Baker’s first season as the Doctor comes to a close this week with this four-part tale written by Gerry Davis that aired from 19 April to 10 May, 1975. It … Continue reading

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Batman Forever (1995) – Joel Schumacher

As I continue my time with the Dark Knight via the Sci-Fi Chronicles book, I think it was after Batman Returns that someone at Warner Brothers wanted to get away … Continue reading

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Jungle Cat World – June 2015

My first trip to Jungle Cat World was part of my 40th birthday celebrations, and at that time, my hopes had included having the experience of being able to pet … Continue reading

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Magnum, p.i. (1983) – Luther Gillis: File #521 and Smaller Than Life

It’s Thursday, time to go back to Hawaii (I miss Hawaii)! Eugene Roche makes the first of 5 appearances as Luther Gillis, a fellow private investigator from St. Louis, in … Continue reading

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