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Superman III (1983) – Richard Lester

My time with Kal-El (Christopher Reeve) continues during my exploration of the Sci-Fi Chronicles book, and where nostalgia will forgive a lot of the things in Superman II, it can’t … Continue reading

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Superman II (1980) – Richard Lester

The Sci-Fi Chronicles book just keeps paying off, I’m loving this incredibly large tome, and I can’t believe how quickly I’m working my way through it (admittedly I’ve seen, and … Continue reading

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Issues Vol. 7

So more good stuff from Kirk at West End Comics this week! Have you been yet? You should really pop in, it’s a great shop! And away we go with … Continue reading

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Doctor Who (Tom Baker) – Robot

Tom Baker is handed the keys to the TARDIS as he assumes the mantle of the Doctor in this first story of the 12th season of Doctor Who. Robot is … Continue reading

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Killjoys S01E02 – The Sugar Point Run

Killjoys returns to your screens tonight with episode 2 on Space tonight. We get a little bit more in world-building, get a brief look at the larger arc of the … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon (1936) – Frank Stephani

As my exploration of the pulp heroes of science fiction continues with the Sci-Fi Chronicles book, I thought I should have a look at one of the original Flash Gordon … Continue reading

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Magnum, p.i. (1983) – I Do? and Forty Years From Sand Island

Thomas (Tom Selleck) goes undercover in a big way in I Do? which aired 17 February 1983, and was written by Rob Gilmer. Magnum pretends to marry Marsha Mackenzie (Katherine … Continue reading

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Triplanetary (1948) – E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith

I’ve been loving my time with the Sci-Fi Chronicles book. And as I believe I’ve mentioned before, the book doesn’t only cover film and television, it deals with stage, music, … Continue reading

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The Orphan Black S03E10 – History Yet to be Written

And just like that Season 3 of Orphan Black came to an end. Sure it aired on Saturday night, sure it’s Tuesday now. The Film Festival I was at kept … Continue reading

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The Greatest American Hero (1982) – Just Another Three Ring Circus and The Shock Will ┬áKill You

Bill (Robert Culp), Ralph (William Katt) and Pam (Connie Sellecca) find themselves in it this week!! First up we have Just Another Three Ring Circus. This one aired 3 February, … Continue reading

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