Forces of Nature (1999) – Bronwen Hughes

Ten Bad Dates With De Niro brings me another title from the list of films that it’s painful to like. In this case the Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck romantic comedy, Forces of Nature. This list doesn’t have to worry about me liking it. It wasn’t so great.

Despite that, it’s got a helluva cast, alongside Affleck and Bullock you have Maura Tierney, Steve Zahn, Blythe Danner, Ronny Cox, Richard Schiff, Micheal Fairman and Meredith Scott Lynn.

The story follows blurb writer, Ben (Affleck), who is travelling to Savannah, Georgia to get married to Bridget (Tierney), but he’s having his doubts, not to mention fears with life in general. And when a plane accident results in him deciding to find other means to get to Savannah he finds himself paired with Sarah (Bullock) as a travel-friend.

The pair hit it off, she’s vibrant and vivacious, and definitely gets him out of his comfort zone, and through her, he realises there is more to life. And maybe, just maybe, they begin to fall in love a little.

And even the weather, a hurricane is on the way, seems to be on their side, and intent on keeping Bridget and Ben apart.


One series of accidents after another keep Ben and Sarah together, and we can see a spark there.

The cool thing about this story though, is that they don’t make Bridget some easy-to-hate character, she’s very likeable, and you believe she and Ben are a good match. But what about Ben and Sarah?

In the end, this film isn’t just one love story, there are a couple of them in here, and I honestly did like the way the film ended. I just wasn’t a super-fan of the rest of it. It’s fairly run-of-the-genre stuff without any real risks being taken.

And you either like the leads or you don’t, and while I have always liked Bullock, Affleck can be hit or miss for me, and this one, as much as I wanted to relate and empathise with his character was a miss. He just looks so uncomfortable all the time in this movie, as if he’s wondering how he got cast in the first place. And also, how are a pair of people going to climb on top of a train, and then not get kicked off? They’re yelling at the top of their lungs, and no one on the train noticed? Come on. That’s just one of a dozen little silly movie things that bothered me.

I’m sure there are people out there who really enjoyed this one, but it’s just so generic. In fact you could slip it onto the Hallmark channel, and it would be indecipherable from all the other rom-coms they have on there.

So this is one title on the list of films that it is painful to like that definitely didn’t apply to me. Let’s see what the next one is!

Forces of Nature (1999)

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