Toronto Fringe: Uncle Tommy’s Campfire Ghost Stories (For Grown-Ups)


Oral history and the social sharing of the campfire have been with us since we first harnessed flame to push back the night. But that fear of the dark has been with us ever since and we tempt and taunt it with ghost stories that cause us to huddle closer, laughing over loud at the tales shared to show we aren’t afraid.

Uncle Tommy’s Campfire Ghost Stories (For Grown-Ups) embraces that history, and twists it to its own humorous ends. Set in the backyard, literally, of the Fika Cafe, Uncle Tommy brings with him a series of props, and lots of laughter, as he gives his campers a collection of tales that are all familiar in their way, ranging from college monster stories to nods to When a Stranger Calls and even hinting at a Slenderman/Alien story, with each of them is given his unique spin, making them crass, laugh-filled and a lot of fun.

But be warned the dreaded audience participation demon rears its head a couple of times and it can make for some wonderfully embarrassing moments. It is all in good fun though, and Uncle Tommy, not breaking character from the moment we’re aware that he’s sleeping in the backyard as we take our seats, reminds us of that on a regular basis.

Much like a real campfire, Uncle Tommy is fun and interactive. He plays with his audience and adapts as necessary on the fly, generally seeming to enjoy himself so much that you can’t help but be caught up in the momentum of his stories (and he is a damned fine storyteller, don’t let the shirt or layered profanity fool you).

This one, though late, is worth staying up for, not to mention the delightful treats at the Fika Cafe!

Be sure to check out Uncle Tommy Friday and Saturday at 11 or Sunday at 10. Get your tickets here.

So much fun!



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