IDW Star Trek (Ongoing) – Issues 5 & 6 – Operation: Annihilate

The IDW re-launch and re-imagining of classic Trek continues in isssues 5 and 6, with a retelling of the Season 1 episode Operation: Annihilate.

As Roberto Orci, the comic’s creative consultant, and one of the writers of the 2009 film has said in interviews, these comics are the canon for this series, and tie in directly with the film or any novels that are set in this new universe. And the further we get on these re-imagined original voyages, the more they begin to differ from the original episodes.

One of the most notable differences is the fate of Kirk’s brother, George, last seen in the film – hitch-hiking. It changes the dynamic of Kirk’s future, and I’ll be interesting to see how.

I had a minor stickler with this story, but maybe, starfleet is introducing tech to their crews sooner than in the prime universe…

There’s a scene, where Kirk taps his command insignia, just like the Next Generation crew do with their universes… but if they’re introducing this communicator, why are they still carrying around the other ones on their belts? Perhaps one is for more long-distance communication?

As in the original episode, the Enterprise and her stalwart crew arrive at Deneva to find most of the colony dead, and others seemingly possessed by a unifying mind, and disturbing parasite creatures!

The reimaginings continue to be top-notch, with the stories adapted by Mike Johnson, using the original teleplay by Oliver Crawford and Steven Carabatsos as a leaping off point.

The art and coloring, by Joe Corroney and John Rauch respectively, is still top-notch, capturing the likeness of the new actors and combing the familar elements of the original series with the look of the alternate timeline.

Loving it.

The next two issues are a completely new story in the universe which I’m looking forward to, dealing with the destruction of Vulcan!

It’s also been hinted that they are already planting tie-ins for the new film… still too many months off, scheuled for summer 2013, but I am scouring these images and these stories, for hints, ideas, and enjoying each new trip as continue to boldy go!

Keep it up IDW!!!

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