Continuum S01 E05 – A Test of Time

This week, series creator Simon Barry, and writer Jeff King bring us my favorite episode of Continuum so far, by introducing a lot of things to think about in terms of timelines in paradoxes.

Because this week, Kagame (Tony Amendola) and Liber8 spring into full Terminator-mode, going after CPS Protector Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) through her past.

They are hunting down women named Lily Jones, and killing them, knowing one of them must be Kiera’s grandmother.


The show opens in 2077(ish) as we see that yes, as I had hoped, the Protectors have jumpers/flyers/patrol craft, whatever they are calling them, to move about in. They are investigating three high-profile targets they believe Liber8 is planning to blow. When one of them explodes, Kiera thinks her husband Greg (John Reardon) was in it.

We slip back to 2012, where we find Travis (Roger Cross) murdering a Lily Jones, while Garza (Luvia Petersen) is keeping an eye on Kiera to see if anything happens.

It’s the wrong Lily, but Kiera cottons to what they are up to as she and Carlos (Victor Webster – who is kind of side-lined for most of the episode) investigate.

Kellog (Stephen Lobo) has heard Kagame is back, and rejoins Liber8, despite Sonya’s (Lexa Doig) attempt to blow him up previously.

He then contacts Kiera to meet up and tell her that her family is being targeted. He also reveals that the guards were involved in Liber8’s escape to the past, though he’s not quite sure how high up it goes, he intimates that Kiera was placed in that room on purpose.

Following the meeting, Sonya tags Kiera and gets a DNA sample to help them track down the right Lily Jones.

Kiera finds her first though, and she is not who she thought her grandmother would be. Lily (Katie Findlay from The Killing) is a bit of a punk, though Kiera identifies her by her butterfly tattoo.

She also learns that Lily is pregnant.

Which gives us a flash forward to 207(ish) where we see Kiera taking a pregnancy test, which involves her licking a tab – placing a DNA sample on it – and putting it on her mirror, which then renders a scan of her, showing proof positive that she’s pregnant, sex of the child, and the conception date. She goes to Greg, and talks about the baby coming along at the wrong time, and that she may go to the clinic, it only costs 1400 Life Credits… It’s hinted at that she is of course referring to terminating the pregnancy, Greg however proposes to her instead.

Back in 2012, she has to make a pro-life argument for Lily, who is thinking of an abortion as well.

While all this is going on, Kellog is desperately attempting to call Kiera. When she finally answers, Kellog reveals that something terrible has happened, Kagame proposes a trade. If Kellog turns over Lily, they will let Kellog’s young grandmother, Maddie (Olivia Ryan Stern) go free.

Kiera comes up with a plan of her own, and texts a name for Carlos to track down for her…

When the trade goes down, and Maddie is set free, Kellog reveals that he doesn’t have Lily, but has, in fact, Kagame’s own mother, who is pregnant with him!

Kagame, eager to protect himself, agrees to this trade, and spirits his mother away, as Travis takes out Maddie with a sniper shot.

Kellog, however, does not pull a Back To The Future and erase from existence. Instead he’s still around. Which opens a whole new series of questions… was Maddie really his grandmother, or, equally as important, are they in an alternate timeline? One could argue that the moment they went back in time, history was changed and created a new timeline in which they are no living, which means, that even if Kiera gets back to 2077, it probably isn’t the one she left… Or maybe there are other things we haven’t thought of yet? Ideas?

The episode wraps up with Kellog getting Lily and her boyfriend Jake out of the city, Kagame is upset with Travis about the murder of Maddie (he doesn’t seem that bothered), Alec is hanging out on his porch staring at a picture of Lily, and in 2077, Sam (Sean Kyer) finds Lily’s necklace and gives it back to Kiera.

This episode was the best so far, slipping right from the Terminator aspect to the old quandary of the grandfather paradox, as well as throwing in a healthy dose of conspiracy about Liber8’s escape.

At the halfway mark of the first season, this show seems to be ready to kick into high gear, and build up the conspiracy, explore some paradoxes, and establish, change, and re-write the present and future history.


Keep it coming Showcase!!!

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