The Lost Girl Pre Show Taping


So Sue and I got some great news today!

We were selected to join the small audience chosen to attend to the taping of the Lost Girl Finale Pre-Show!

We actually had a huge geek out at work, much to everyone’s amusement. We got a quiet little email from Showcase notifying us we had been chosen, and I about lost it!

This is going to be great, not to mention we’ll have acquaintances there on both sides of the stage, there will be fellow fans we knows, as well as some of the cast we’ve interviewed (I’m hoping we get a chance to say hi to Anna in person, now that we have chatted with her on the phone).

We’re looking forward to saying hello to Rick, K.C., Anna, Zoie, Ksenia, Kris, and who knows who else we’ll see there?

The taping is scheduled to last anywhere between 5 and 6 hours, so we think there might be a little more going on than just the taping… we’ll let you know!

I don’t know if photos will be allowed, we’ll see. Have no doubt though that Sue and I will be sharing our experiences with you.

But you can still be involved!

You can submit questions to be asked to the cast!

Post it on our Facebook wall:

Tweet us: @showcasedotca and add #LostGirlPreShow

It’ll be awesome!

The pre-show airs an hour before the season two finale on April 1st, starting at 8pm… AWESOME!

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  1. FannishSunny says:

    So glad to be part of the audience with you

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