New To Me Trek

When Deep Space Nine rolled around the first time, I tried to get into it. It was Star Trek, and I love my Trek. But apparently I was too devoted a fan of the exploration side of the Trek universe, and had already welcomed two crews of the Enterprise into my heart.

So after about the first half of the first season I just started tuning out. It wasn’t catching my interest, and they never went anywhere.

Well, Netflix has been good enough to put all the series set in the Trek universe online so I can pick and choose through all of them (I actually own all of them but for Voyager and DS9).

Lately I had noticed that I was craving new Trek, I was wandering about with the Star Trek communicator on my iphone going off, I was whistling selections from all the scores, and I was just really wanting to return to that universe again, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to watch.

I almost restarted Next Generation, but despite owning them all on DVD, I’m really looking forward to re-visiting the series as it gets its upgraded release to Blu-Ray. The work I’ve seen on it so far looks amazing.

But still, that’s a long ways off. So instead I decided, hey, why not give DS9 another chance?

Though I am only 5 episodes into the first season, the point at which I started fading out originally, I’m actually enjoying it a lot more this time around. Yes, the universe is still a little too clean, and despite the fact that it’s an old-used Cardassian space station, it still looks a little too well-maintained.

Despite that, I’m really settling into it.

It’ll be interesting to see if I get through all 7 seasons or not. People tell me that when the Dominion war kicks in, the series really starts to take-off!

But for now, I’m very happy to return to that universe I love, and enjoy some adventures with a crew I don’t know near as well as those who crewed any incarnation of my beloved Enterprise.

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