Lost Girl Set Visit


It’s a dark and dreary day as Sue and I make our way across the cityscape of Toronto, heading to the west side so that we can plunge into the mysterious, and enchanting world of the Fae.

Showcase has invited us to the set of Lost Girl!

We’re very eager to have a look, as we feared we would miss out this year, in fact we know that they are shooting episode 12 of a 13 episode season on this very day.

Arriving at our destination, a rather nondescript building we’d had the privilege to visit before for the Lost Girl Finale pre-show taping, we’re greeted by the unit publicist, Cynthia, who warns us, rather explicitly, that not only do we have to sit on this post until episode 9 of season 4 airs, we are actually not allowed to take any pictures, secrecy is paramount!!! We actually notice photocopied signs plastered everywhere reminding cast and crew that they shouldn’t be posting anything on social media.

They take their storylines seriously here.

Cynthia leads us from the front offices through a door, and suddenly we are in a completely different world, there is a brand new set that we only get glimpses of that is completely bathed in white… I peek in, but we’re bustled by it quickly, and deposited in familiar surroundings, even if we’d never set foot there before.

We’re in the clubhouse, Bo and Kenzi’s place. It’s not lit, but despite that, it doesn’t feel eerie and dark, it feels welcoming and comforting… I know this place.

Cynthia leaves us so that we can get set up for our interviews, we’re allowed to shoot video for those, just not allowed to shoot the hot (camera-ready) sets or post anything that may reveal anything about the new season.


Instead, Sue and I wander about Bo’s place. We lounge on the couch, leaf through the amazing collection of books that production designers and props teams have filled the room with, the vending machine in the corner, theres is a work station just next to the kitchen area that is littered in a variety of mobile phones, blackberries… it looks like E.T.’s work station when he’s assembling his communicator.

There are piles of games, cds and movies piled on the mantelpiece below the television, but I don’t get a long enough moment to take a look at what music and games keeps Kenzi busy when she’s not onscreen.

It’s odd, everything looks so solid and real, but don’t lean against a wall or pillar, or look through the wrong door, because the illusion will be shattered.

If it’s possible, being on the set, everything looks cozier than it appears on television. That couch is so incredibly comfortable, it’s a wonder that none of the cast fall asleep in there. So comfy!!

We take a peek through one of the clubhouse’s doors, step through it, and in through another one, and we find ourselves in a desolate and barren Police Station. It seems so empty, there’s no activity, no people, but there are plenty of files… And if you ever get a look at it, you’ll find that almost all of it is about Kenzi! A whole police department devoted to Kenzi’s criminal activities!! There’s also a wicked looking BMW motorcycle parked in the interrogation room… is it for the show? Can we touch it? No one seems to have an answer…

We get a chance to say hello to Production Designer Ian Brock before we are whisked back towards the white-drenched set, I can make out rippled walls with flourescent light tubes running at wait height along its length… But we can’t quite make out what is going on there.

It’s always fascinating watching the reality of creating fantasy, bringing the Fae world to life. Like other sets we’ve been to, the sets are incredibly detailed, which not only creates the world of the show for the fans, but there is so much that viewers won’t see, and you know that they are there for the actors, and because people love designing things for projects they enjoy working on.


We’re joined by Stephanie from Geek Chic Elite for the day, and we all jot down our notes, and trade stories as we Cynthia takes us through the menagerie of sets.

We find ourselves stumbling into Bo’s bedroom, lush and gorgeous, and is it getting warm in here?

From there we’re led around and behind sets until we find ourselves in Trick’s Lair. It’s a cozy little nook, that is filled with lots of comfortable spaces that would just be perfect for curling up with a book and a cuppa, and forget the problems that mythological creatures are causing in the city.

We wander into the Dal, and update the picture Sue and I took their previous, and check the chalk board to see what is written on it this time, while crew movie efficiently through the surrounding areas to set up for the next shot. As we belly up to the bar briefly, Cynthia reveals some of the names that we can expect to see this season, but reiterates that we can’t share. We happily remind everyone we meet, that as a rule Sue and I don’t do spoilers, I’d prefer the surprise. I don’t mind knowing a certain actor is coming in to be on the show, but don’t tell me anything about their character or storyline. I’d rather watch and learn.

We wander back towards the studio entrance, as a friend wants to say hi. We pop into the writers’ room, and there is our friend, and Lost Girl showrunner Emily Andras, who greets with smiles and hugs, revealing that she and her fellow writers are just finishing up the prep on 4.13.

We hang out and chat for a while, as I just revel in the sensation that the words, the peoples, and the worlds of Lost Girl are created in this room, and right out that innocuous looking door, all of those things change from ideas on a page to a version of reality. That is just a cool feeling that I hope no one who works in a writers’ room loses.

Stepping back out on to the set floor, we see a group of chairs clustered together, and a couple of familiar faces waving at us, as we stride over happily to greet them.

Anna Silk embraces me, while Casey Hudecki gives Sue a huge bear hug. Then we swap. It strikes me that we haven’t seen either of these two women in a long time! We hadn’t seen Casey nor Anna since we last chatted with them on our show, but within moments we’re catching up like old friends, we talk about Sam, our mutual friends and our collection of pets.

Anna pulls out her iphone to share lots of pics of little Sam, who really is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, nor have I ever met one who smiles so much and so readily.

Everyone is called away for blocking and prep for the next scene, so we settle into their seats for a moment before working our way around when rehearsals are done. We pause long enough to see Anna, Seth Cooperman, and get introduced to little Sam, who seems to be taking very nicely to set life, thank you very much.

We head back to the clubhouse so that the cast can shoot their next scene, and we can all get ready for our interviews. Settling onto one of the chairs, the clubhouse has begun to feel like home, and it’s amazing how welcoming and at ease one feels there.

We wait until Cynthia lets us know that our first interview is ready, and we head back over to the police precinct…. The newly introduced, but much talked about Wanderer. Kyle Schmidt!

Sue and I have been fans of Kyle’s for a while as he constantly works with our friends April Mullen and Tim Doiron for their films, and he reveals that between days shooting Lost Girl, he’s actually traveling back and forth from Niagara Falls to work on their new movie. And amazingly, there wasn’t a single scheduling conflict!! Afterwards, a couple of the crew comment how cool it is that we’re conducting interviews as video-selfies, admittedly they don’t always look amazing, but they do tend to be fun!

Check out our chat with him here, as our video-selfies continue!

After our brief chat with Kyle, we get to settle in and catch up with Anna for a few minutes, which was nice, because we don’t see her nearly as much as we would like to…

Then right before lunch was called, we got to catch up with Paul Amos, who as we’ve seen, has a lot going on this season…

During lunch, which was amazingly good, we all chat and laugh, Paul Amos joins us for a meal, and then our friend Tanya Lemke arrives, as she was in the neighborhood and knew we would be on set today. The lunch room has been decorated since Sue and I were last here, and there are Lost Girl posters and pictures for various episodes encircling the room.

After lunch, we only have one more interview left on our docket, we finally will be given a chance to chat with Ksenia Solo!

In the interim, while they do make-up, block, rehearse and shoot, we adjourn back to the police precinct where Cynthia tells us about her time as an investigative journalist, and she has some amazing stories, and then we all start swapping our own ghost stories, or friend of a friend stories. It seems we all have spooky stuff that happens to us.

Secrecy abounds on this set. Whether it be sets, characters or plot points.

The refrain for the day is “You didn’t hear that,” followed by a stern yet friendly glare, reminding us to keep the secrets we learn. Of course, neither Sue nor I would want to ruin any of the show’s revelations before they air…

As we sit and wait, people pass by to and from sets, every time Anna happens by, she slows down to give us a hearty wave and a smile.

Eventually, the motorcycle is claimed, apparently it’s not part of the show… Kris Holden-Ried wanders in, gives Sue a big hug, I get a joyous handshake, and he reveals that the bike is in fact his. We chat for a few minutes catching up with one another, before he wheels the gorgeous vehicle out of the studios.

Finally, opportunity presents itself, and a gracious and very friendly Ksenia Solo joins us, thanking us profusely for waiting around for her. We, of course are delighted, and what better way to end our day on the Lost Girl set than with one of the few cast members we haven’t spoken to coming on our show…

And like that our day ends, we wandered through the sets one more time, looking, marvelling, wondering… then we pass through the door into the front offices and the world of Fae, populated by friends and acquaintances, is left behind.

We bid our farewells to Cynthia, thanking her for the millionth time that day, swap contact info with Stephanie, and then make for the TTC and the reality of our own magical lives…

Lost Girl S04E05 – Let The Dark Times Roll


This week’s episode of Lost Girl picks up exactly where last week’s ended with Bo’s (Anna Silk) confrontation with the Una Mens, led by The Keeper (Christine Horne) and the revelation that she is no longer unaligned, but has in fact chosen to be Dark Fae!!

Bo’s reaction is wonderfully Bo.

She’s warned that she must pay fealty to the leader of the dark Fae, hello Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier), before she can do anything else. Chatting with the Morrigan, which sees Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) flirting with her dark side, though bristling under the remarks about her being a pet, Bo learns that she has little time to back out of being Dark Fae, the next full moon, conveniently that night.

Bo has to track down Vex (Paul Amos), whom she believes is the one who has somehow fixed her alignment.

When told she must attend the Dark Fae gathering to learn where Vex is, she and Kenzi, with Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) in tow, end up there. Which ends hilariously as Tamsin finds herself in a dance-off… to the death.


We also finally get to see Bo and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) reunited, and a dumbstruck waiter stumbles upon the amorous couple… Ha!

When Bo tracks down Vex, we learn he is about to pull an Ash, and ends up like Luke in Empire… It seems the Una Mens has put a malignant mold on his hand that is very aggressive, and of course, if he loses both his hands… he’s a mesmer with no ability to feed, so he takes it to extremes… but Bo does save the hand… so who knows, they may be able to save it!

Trick (Rick Howland) returns, and is stunned to learn that his granddaughter is now pledged to the Dark Fae, while the Una Mens have offered him the opportunity to be the Acting Ash, though I suspect there are other political and controlling motivations behind their decision. There is trouble coming for Trick and Bo in a big way this season I suspect.


Bo is told to find out what really happened, she has to find her dark fae sponsor, someone named Rayner… hmmm, connection to the Wanderer comes to mind, but how did everything get signed?

I do like the fact that there is a bit of a mystery around not only her disappearance but her unexpected alignment. As we get further into the season, I expect we’ll see our favorite characters pushed into darker spaces, and making tougher choices, but that’s something you want to see, you want to see how your heroes behave under duress and wonder how you in turn would react.

We know the Wanderer is bound to show at some point, and we know the Una Mens are up to no good, especially now that we learned how they actually were created, and are unable to feel emotion, and are only worried about following the word of the law, and Trick will be in trouble if they cotton to who he actually is.

This season is looking to turn into a sprawling, treacherous adventure, and I am hoping it gets darker before it gets lighter.

What are your thoughts on the season so far?

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase.


Lost Girl S04E02 – Sleeping Beauty School


After the delightful WTF romp that was last week’s season opener, the Fae world is still missing the unaligned succubus of Bo (Anna Silk), but her friends now aware that she’s missing are pulling out all the stops to find her.

The second episode of the season gives us great character beats right from the get-go, as well as setting up future betrayals, revelations and the beginning of a fantastic series of guest stars that are populating this ever-expanding fantastic world.

First up, it was delightful to see Mind Reel’s friend Christine Horne as one of the menacing, Una Mens, as they conduct their rather extensive ‘interviews’ as they learn what has been going on. Also on deck is Mia Kirshner, after a brief appearance last week, as we begin to learn more about who she is, her powers, and also that we have no idea where her allegiances lay.

Alongside Christine, I was delighted to see that the awesome Ali Liebert makes her first appearance of the season, as Lauren’s (Zoie Palmer) boss, at the greasy spoon the human doctor is working and hiding out in.


It seems Dyson’s (Kris Holden-Ried) compulsive need to revisit the site of the crash he and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) went through at the end of the season pays off, as Tamsin returns… kind of. This storyline had some of my favorite moments in the episode, and I am not going to ruin it, but it’s definitely a hoot. Poor Kenzi (Ksenia Solo). ‘Nuff said.

There are also a few laugh out loud moments, as Dyson and Hale (K.C. Collins) end up at the Beauty School hinted at in the title as they seek a tracker to help them find Bo… There’s also a moment that some fans have been waiting from Season 1 for, which will surely be revisited later in the season, and no doubt delight a lot of the fan community.

It’s also interesting to see, more or less, where Bo is, and the reveal is a little troubling, especially if Dyson is now in the same place by episode’s end.

It seems there is a nice sense of play so far this season, which I hope lasts through it’s run, but underneath it, of course, there is the worry and development of our characters. Each one of them is not only different from when we left them at the end of Season 3, but they will no doubt be different to Bo when she finds her way back to them.


And I get Kenzi needs/wants her fake Fae powers to maintain her cover, but when I saw how low she’s willing to go towards the end of this episode, I was so disappointed in her. But I like that. It makes her a flawed character, reinforcing, once again, that none of these people are perfect, they make mistakes, they can be selfish, they can be stupid and foolish.

And Trick (Rick Howland) is going to be furious when he learns about it.

With sharp writing, the return of our characters, scattered as they may be, emotionally or physically, season 4 is already firing on all thrusters are far as I’m concerned, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Lost Girl airs Sunday nights on Showcase!


Lost Girl S03E12 – Hail, Hale!

lgAhh, now this is what I’m talking about for a race to the finish line!

Steve Cochrane pens this week’s penultimate episode of the season and it’s definitely getting ready to pull out all the stops for the finale next week (unfortunately I’ll be away and won’t be able to see it until I get back, oh well).

I realize that perhaps the show can’t be like this all the time, but this one was pretty much firing on nearly all cylinders!

Bo (Anna Silk) almost takes a back seat with everything that is going on…

It’s supposed to be Hale’s (K.C. Collins) inauguration as Ash, and we learn he’s been trying to broker a form of peace with the Morrigan (Emanuelle Vaugier), and has actually invited her to attend the event, a huge first.

halemorriganThere’s still some friction between Hale and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) who still thinks he’s acting like a douche.

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is off with Isaac (Shawn Doyle) working in a lab, and coming up with something that Isaac exploits, as a poison. We were right not to trust him because he’s apparently involved in hunting the Fae down, having them fight against one another, and studying them. The dead ones apparently end up in that mass grave Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) discovered in last week’s ep.

Tamsin is still a bit of a drunk this week, dealing with things she know she has to do, but I don’t think wants to do any longer, and ends up in the bath with Bo for a moment… I do like their chemistry together, it just feels, well… naughty in the sexiest way.

trickLater at the Dal as Bo and Dyson have a chat a very familiar looking human bartender Jerry (Seth Cooperman) as Trick (Rick Howland) had to get ready for the ceremony. It seems though Jerry has been put in place by Isaac, and poisons Dyson, a blatant attack by a human on a Fae.

Dyson wakes up and finds himself having to fight a cage match to the death while his captor watches from the  open rooftop of an observatory. Great location!

Bo learns that Tamsin is up to no good with the potion she’s been preparing, Lauren discovers that Isaac is more evil than he initially appears, and the Morrigan uses the attack on Dyson to hold a vote of no confidence for Hale, and then proclaims that all claimed humans by any Fae are now terrorists, they are to be seized and await the setting of a date for their execution.

jpegThis rockets things along to Hale and Kenzi finally sharing a kiss, a long overdue one, while surreptitiously slipping the key for her handcuffs into her jacket pocket. There’s also a Fae wandering about, pestering Kenzi for the length of the episode about what if she were Fae, or had Fae powers… Kenzi thinks it’s a bit of a con, and I have to agree. I also hope that Kenzi doesn’t become Fae. It’s a more interesting dynamic having her as the outsider, but still family.

Tamsin gets shot, there’s a last second revelation, Trick gets kidnapped!!

Everything happens fast and furious in this episode, it’s just one thing after another, ratcheting up the tension…

laurenThe Wanderer is neither heard or mentioned by name at least, in fact the song doesn’t make an appearance at all in this episode as far as I can tell, though there is a nice cover of The Minstrel Boy playing in the Dal.

One of the things that we’d been talking about all week was the fact that Lauren left her mobile on her counter top, which Bo addresses as soon as she comes in, though no one asks why she left it on… Was it just so that we could see that Bo was calling last week as she was leaving?

This was a great episode to lead us into the final adventure of the season… I’ll be interested to see how many story threads are tied off, and what’s left unresolved for next season…

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase!


Lost Girl S03E09 – The Ceremony

lgThings get a little more Lynchian this week, with a script by James Thorpe and directed by Lee Rose. Bo (Anna Silk) under goes her Dawning, by entering the Temple. She can only get out when she has the key in hand.

We also get a little more hint of The Wanderer, while Bo (Anna Silk) is in the first part of the Temple (which looks remarkably like the Dal) and the classic tune by Dion is playing. Trick (Rick Howland), however, at the end of the episode says not him. So The Wanderer isn’t a reference to Bo, but someone (thing) that’s coming. Hmmm.

The crux of the episode if Bo going through the Temple to survive the Dawning and hopefully not devolve into some under-Fae.

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) volunteers as her Hand, or protector in the Temple, which also means she doesn’t have to declare an alignment with the Light or Dark. She only takes Dyson after Lauren (Zoie Palmer) advises her she will need any advantage she can use. It’s nice to see that even though Lauren is hurting from the events of last week’s ep, she still loves Bo enough to show when she knows Bo needs her.

boUnder Stella’s (Deborah Odell) eye, which she doesn’t look on Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) kindly with, Bo and Dyson enter the Temple. Or rather apparently, reappear in the Dal, which is empty but for a radio playing The Wanderer and an old man referring to himself as The Caretaker. From there, they wander through a mish mash of rooms and realities, populated by familiar looking characters behaving in slightly off ways (although both Anna and Zoie look great in police uniforms!) and possible existences there in the Temple.

Now at this point, there can be a lot of conjecture, thoughts and even arguments about what everything means in the Lynchian creations inside the Temple, I also think that on repeated viewings watching all the details (though the pictures of that model showed up way too often, I felt like I was being hit over the head with it – sorry), and I mean all of them, there will be more and more revealed. Not only about Bo’s character but things to come. That’s my instinct anyway.

Bo’s resurrection of  Dyson by taking chi from her friends in the Dal was a little questionable. It’s no doubt she cares for him, and he’s finally revealed that he still loves her, and of course Bo has never played by the rules, but I was hoping she would at least have asked.

lostgirl309That one instant, for me, shows what a threat Bo could be to not only the Dark, but those she calls her friends and family as well.

And speaking of friends and family, I love the moment Trick and Kenzi had about what would happen should Bo not come through the Dawning as herself, and Trick confesses he sees the human as family. A long overdue moment and scene.

Having just checked the episode page on the Showcase site, apparently this episode is rather polarizing, and a lot of people are furious about the way Bo has treated Lauren. Neither side of the relationship is perfect, and this relationship with Lauren is obviously going through growing pains, like all relationships. It can’t be sunshine and roses all the time, otherwise the characters don’t change or grow.

Give it time, which we know Bo has now that she’s survived the Dawning. Now that is sorted, maybe she can get her love life on track…


Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase.


Lost Girl S03E08 – Fae-ge Against The Machine

lgThis week’s episode sees Bo (Anna Silk) dealing with the incredibly fast approach of her Dawning, and ends with the fantastic image of Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) standing in a rain shower of tarot cards depicting someone (thing?) called The Wanderer, and leaving us wondering what the hell this has to do with our favorite succubus?!

Alexandra Zarowny scripts this week with direction by Andy Mikita, and the story ends up being a cross between Jumanji, David Fincher’s The Game, and a little High Noon. Draw from that what you will.

Trick (Rick Howland) and Stella (Deborah Odell) are trying to prepare Bo for her invitation to the Temple, a rite of passage on the way to her Dawning. However, the arrival of a machine while Bo isn’t there, though she accidentally activated it before she left, means that a dangerous game has already started, and Trick must play in her stead.

Unfortunately, all of this happens on a special night for Lauren (Zoie Palmer) as she is being recognized for some of her work with an award.

fae-geAnd Bo just can’t seem to get away as she and Tamsin work to help Balzac (Ryan Belleville) rescue a decidedly odd young Fae, Hannah (Allie MacDonald) whose tears serve as highly potent drug in the Fae underworld.

Some of the moments feel downright Lynchian, including Bo’s interaction with the gatekeeper before entering Brazenwood, which looks like the Fae version of hillbilly hell, leading to a final showdown on what I guess would be the main street.

The episode is fun, but for me the best part is the new added factor of The Wanderer and Tamsin wondering and fearing (!) that Bo may be the One.  Hmmm!

I love the fact that though Bo didn’t know it, but Trick was helping her, guiding her, and helping in her choices as he plays the Machine’s game, which presents two choices at a time, and he has to pick the one that he believes Bo would, and his choices directly affect her.

That was cool, and allowed Trick some long overdue extended screen time, and have some fun moments with Stella, as their chemistry and interaction is a lot of fun to watch.

annaIt also looks like there may be some strife coming along in the Bo-Lauren relationship as Bo, under the influence of the Machine, makes a huge faux pas with the doc, and Lauren hangs up on her. Sure it could be a tiff, all couples have them, but then, a knock on the door and there’s Dr. Isaac Felt (Shawn Doyle) to chat with the doctor, he’s a nice guy, laughs at her jokes, and wants to get know her mind.

But there’s also a new added tension between Tamsin and Bo, who share a kiss, caused by Trick and Stella, but you can tell, that both of them are thinking about it as the episode comes to a close.

Personally I just think that adds to the depth of Tamsin’s character, because I still think we’re learning lots about her, as she is herself. She may be Dark Fae, but there’s more to her than that. She’s seen how Bo and the gang love and support one another, and I think she not only finds Bo attractive (and who doesn’t?) but she finds the family dynamic of that appealing as well, so I think those factors are coming into play big time for her.

It’s a good ep, not There’s Bo Place Like Home good, but it does set up a number of nice things for the rest of the season…

What are your thoughts on The Wanderer?

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase!


Lost Girl S03E07 – There’s Bo Place Like Home

lgThis week Anna Silk pulls out all the stops as Bo and puts us through the emotional wringer. Brendon Yorke penned this week’s episode, and as I was delighted to see that it was directed by Gail Harvey!!

As the Dawning, Bo’s rite of passage grows closer, with the threat of her devolving into an under-Fae hanging over her head, Trick (Rick Howland) tells her essentially to move forward she must be able to forgive her past. In Bo’s case, the hateful and painful accusations her mother (Nola Augustson) laid on her when she was a teen and first experiencing the first appearance of her Fae powers, which resulted in the death of her boyfriend.

She and her mother had a huge falling out, and things that family say to you can weigh on you for a long time.

So Bo and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) set off for Bumpkinville, to face Bo’s mother, and try to forgive her. On arriving at the old homestead however, we learn that her mom is suffering from a touch of dementia, and doesn’t always remember when or where she is, and is just delighted to have Bo home again.

boAlong the way we learn that there is a Fae stalking old classmates of Bo’s, who all had a hand in a seance on the same night her boyfriend died. It seemed something was let loose, and is now intent on killing them.

The episode is filled with delightful moments, with Kenzi jabbing Bo in the ass with needles to keep her other side in check, happily supplied by the good Dr. Lauren (Zoie Palmer). Trick realizes that Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) has had his love for Bo returned, and Trick also has a love or at least lust interest thrown his way in the form of Stella Nashira (Deborah Odell) who is on hand to offer counsel and guidance for Bo’s Dawning. Oh, and let’s not forget Kenzi and Bo in sun dresses! I also like the fact that everything is bright and sunny in Bo’s hometown, while anything to do with Fae (Bo mostly excluded of course) are more hidden in shadows, and darkness. The Dal is dark, the sky goes dark when Lady Polly (Phillipa Domville) shows up, the past, or at least Bo’s stroll down memory lane when she goes home, is always sunny, even though it hurts her to face her past. It was a nice touch.

For all that though, it is the episode’s emotional climax which makes this episode a stand-out, as Bo realizes she can forgive her mother.

kenziThe two of them sit at a table, observed unseen by Kenzi, in a beautiful scene that touches on not only mother-daughter relationships, but families in general. Anna actually made me cry in this episode, so nice work to all on that count! It’s a lovely scene, and watching as both women breakdown is just heart-touching, and truly a special moment for the series.

We know where Bo is, but now we get to see where she came from, and not only the events that shaped her, but the people as well. The tenderness both Anna and Nola show in this scene, the way she exposes  herself emotionally on camera in this episode… I think we’re get to know Bo in the episode more so than any other episode prior.

This one goes down as a great episode as far as I’m concerned, and while there is a villain in the piece, I’m so glad it didn’t overshadow the emotional side of the story.

Then of course, ending the way the episode did with Anna asking why Kenzi went to see the Norn….


Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase!


Lost Girl S03E06 – The Kenzi Scale


Now we get to it!

This week’s Lost Girl not only helped us sort out what the hell was happening with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) last week, though we still don’t know what the final outcome of her Fae induced rash will be. We learn that Kenzi was grabbed by a fox Fae that night by the dumpster, and has since by in her warren while the fox Fae, a rather distrubed being (though part of that may have been caused by Tamsin’s (Rachel Skarsten) interference).

The fox Fae, Inari, is looking to belong, looking for friendship, acceptance and be loved. She was a little unbalanced, we learn from a group of fox(y) Fae that Tamsin has protected. Tamsin, as a Valkyrie can sow doubt into the minds of their opponents, something we see when she exercises that talent on Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried).

It all starts with Bo (Anna Silk) bringing Kenzi into the Dal in attempt to convince Trick (Rick Howland), Dyson and Tamsin, that she is not who Kenz is not who she appears to be. When Kenzi reveals that Bo is killing again, Trick has our favorite succubus locked away until they can figure out what is going on.

kenziEvil Kenzi uses this opportunity to exploit a relationship with Dyson, which leads to a violent confrontation.

It hurts Bo, that not only her grandfather and Dyson don’t believe her, but Lauren (Zoie Palmer) doesn’t either, and that may cause some problems for them down the road, by episode’s end when Lauren tries to apologize Bo tells her that she can’t deal with that now.

Lauren however learns some worrying truths when she uses the DNA sample she takes from Bo to find out what’s wrong with her, we learn that something is very wrong with Bo.

Other interesting things we learned is that there may be something else going on with Tamsin. Bo, who’s flagging because of something that is in her system, replacing her cells, feeds off Tamsin, and Bo notices there’s something unsual about her chi.

The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) makes an appearance, reminding Tamsin of her allegiances and that she wants Bo dead. Her hate is really escalating, and is beginning to be more of a threat to our heroes. Tamsin visits the coma victim from Bo’s first feeding at the beginning of the season, and though it will be damaging to him, she wakes him from his coma, and he identifies Bo as the one who attacked him. Tamsin however does not share this with The Morrigan, who warns her about the choices she’s making.

lost-girl-the-kenzi-46903_bigKenzi, in a true display of friendship and faith, never gives up hope on Bo and Dyson rescuing her, and even all dirty still dresses better than evil Kenzi, although she can certainly rock one of Dyson’s shirts and little else. Wow.

Finally, as the episode draws to its end, and Kenzi is safely returned to the loving embrace of her friends, we learn more about this thing that is replacing the cells in Bo’s body.

Trick calls it The Dawning, but it seems to be 200 years early in Bo’s case. It seems it’s a rite of passage, a test of some sort that is coming Bo’s way, and if she fails it, she will devolve into an under-Fae.

It looks like Bo is going to have some tough times before her…

The Morrigan is going to be more trouble…

Is Kenzi going to start exhibiting some Fae abilities?…

How damaged is Lauren and Bo’s relationship now?…

And then there’s Tamsin…

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase!


The Mind Reels Chats With Anna Silk & Seth Cooperman!


Now we’re going back a short ways (and I can try and remember what’s with the look on my face in the picture), and bringing you thr first chat Sue and I did in the Smithee.TV studios, with the gracious, charming, and yes, incredibly lovely, Anna Silk from TV’s Lost Girl, and her equally talented and amazing husband Seth Cooperman. These are two of the nicest people you could ever want to meet…