Continuum S01 E03 – Wasting Time

We join Kiera in 2077 in this week’s opener, as she is kitted out in full assault gear to chase down an ex-soldier who has become a Liber8 revolutionary.

Finding their target behind a holographic wall, they capture Sonya (Lexa Doig), code-named The Queen of Hearts.

This transitions us back to 2012 where Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) is briefing the task force about the members of Liber8.

Meanwhile Sonya is coring out the back of men’s cerebral cortex to remove their pituitary gland. It seems their targets have unique chromosome markers that are used in a human growth super steroid that members of the terrorist group, most of them being ex-military, require, especially Travis (Roger Cross) who is still recovering from last week’s explosion.

While Travis’ fate hangs in the balance, Kellog (Stephen Lobo) begins to make stirrings about who should take over leadership should Travis die. Curtis (Terry Chen) thinks it should be him, and decides to remove Kellog from the group.

Alec (Eric Knudsen), after outfitting Kiera with a blue tooth so it doesn’t look like she’s talking to herself, has to join his mother, as his step-father holds court with a group of his own extolling the troubles of technology. I’m sure they are going to be trouble down the line, or perhaps they already were trouble and have come back…

As Kiera and Carlos (Victor Webster) work on the case, he makes a comment about how even the government drops phone calls, to which Kiera replies, “Wait until the phone company is the government.”

Kiera is having breakfast and is met by Kellog, who offers to protect the future for her, and deliver members of the group to her, if she’ll protect him and leave him here in 2012.

I don’t trust him at all, and it’s apparent that Kiera doesn’t either, though she’s willing to let him try.

Unfortunately, he tells the rest of Liber8 that he’s setting her up.

Kiera and Carlos run down a lead, and play a quick game of rock, paper, scissors (something Kiera has never done before), which we learn is planted by Kellog, leading them to a University, and a student named Herbert George. And if any of you know you’re science fiction, you know that is a set-up. If you don’t know they let you know a little later on.

Having lost the game of rock, paper, scissors, it’s Carlos who stumbles across the trap, Curtis and Kellog waiting for Kiera. A gunfight and fisticuffs ensue, and Kellog uses the moment to escape, as Carlos gets his ass handed to him.

Kiera tags him though with a transdermal implant that remains active in the blood stream for 12 hours, and then squares off against Curtis, which results in his death.

Carlos, however, takes the heat for the death, as it will be cleaner on the paperwork, cementing their relationship and making it a just that little bit stronger. Trust is slowly starting to develop between the two. I hate to think how it may fracture should Carlos learn what’s really going on.

Kiera tracks down Kellog, and though dubious about trusting him, she warns him that if he screws her over she’ll take care of him in 2012, and make sure he’s never born in 2041. Ouch.

And the two of them barely avoid a little present Sonya left for them when they vacated the premises.

At the close of the episode, we see Kiera starting to cover her own tracks in 2012, reclaiming the piece of the Device that is in the evidence lock-up.

While a good ep, this one isn’t my fave so far, nor is it the strongest of the trio that have aired so far. I like the ones that give us little pieces of future history, and shows some of the tech Kiera has with her to good use. I’m a little worried about the electric jolt the suit can provide being used all the time. Kiera’s smart and tough, she can improvise better than that I’m sure.

Still, I am now hooked on the show, and will be constantly returning for more.

Alec’s family is going to be a problem down the line…

Kellog is undeniably playing both sides…

Kagame is still out there…

Continuum airs Sunday evenings on Showcase.




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Breakfast with Tim & April Part 2

So back in December Sue and I sat down with our good friends, and wicked awesome filmmakers Tim Dorion and April Mullen.

We cut the interview in half because we wanted to save half of the interview for when the ball got really rolling on their latest film Dead Before Dawn 3D.

After a very successful trip to the Berlin Film Festival, them not us, we decided it was time to put it up for your enjoyment.

So order up some flapjacks, grab a cuppa joe, and join us for the rest of our chat as we have Breakfast with Tim & April Part 2.

Moon Point

A lot of indie Canadian films seem to get lost when doing battle against the bigger-budgeted films that populate the box office.

That’s why when a smaller film comes along that really catches our attention, like the Untitled Work of Paul Shepard (hoping for a DVD release date soon!!), we like to talk it up and get it the notice it deserves.

Moon Point very much falls into that category. It’s a charming, quirky film that adds a new chapter to the tradition of ‘The Road Movie.’

Darryl Strozka (played by new-comer Nick McKinlay) is a twenty-something stuck in a point of his life that we all drift through a some point. He’s directionless, jobless and loveless, and he’s emotionally stuck at the age of 10. A point that none of his family are willing to let go, and seem to bring up ad nauseam, especially when they compare him to his cousin Lars.

We meet Darryl and Lars at an engagement party for Lars, despite a noticeably absent bride-to-be. When pressured and belittled about who he’s bringing to the wedding, Darryl reveals that he’s going to bring minor celebrity Sarah Cherry (Kristen Gutoskie)  as his date.

You see, they have a history, brilliantly illustrated through flashback, and some of the most enjoyable parts of the film… Sure it was when they were 10, but if he still hasn’t gotten over it, then maybe she hasn’t either.

Sarah is shooting a low-budget horror movie a couple of towns over in Moon Point, but without a job to pay for transport, and without a license to drive, how will he get there?

Darryl enlists the help of his handicapped friend, nicknamed Femur (in a stand-out performance by Kyle Mac – his drunk scene is hilarious) and using his motorized wheel-chair towing a wagon, they set out on a trip that will redefine both of them.

Along the way, as in any road movie, they meet an odd assortment of characters and fellow-travellers. Joining them on the outskirts of town is Kristin (brought to joyous life by Paula Brancati), a sexy, feisty girl who’s running from her troubles, but not getting very far in her broken down car.

Kristin throws in her lot with our Road To Moon Point duo into a trio. From there we get to see how all the characters work and interact, their stories, their secrets, their fears and their hopes.

All while dodging a psychotic inn-keeper who’s seen Deer Hunter once too many times, and believes Femur is a robot, a lecherous ice cream vendor, and an AA meeting filled with people dressed as fruit.

I’ve heard some people say that Darryl is an unlikable character, and that this minor redemption at the end is unearned, but I have to disagree, he does start out unlikable, but only because he’s supposed to be. There is a hint at the end of the movie that he may get the girl, but maybe not… But he’s doing something. He is no longer lazing in the back of a wagon watching the world pass him by at 5mph, he’s actually on his own two feet making a go of it.

To say the film is quirky wouldn’t do it complete justice, but if you can get yourself into that mindset before you see it, chances are you’ll enjoy it. And if you can’t then don’t see it until you are. Far too often a movie fails in the viewers’ eyes because they weren’t expecting the type of film that it is. That’s why I always like to watch the trailer before I see it…

Have a look at it here…

Now if that looks like something that will appeal to you, see it!

We’ve had a look at some of the other reviews that have been posted, and some of them by people who are paid professionally for this kind of thing, and while we believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it’s sad that some of those reviewing it couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the film they were in the theater to see and then judged it anyway.

Is Moon Point a perfect film or comedy? No. Those are few and far between. Is it an enjoyable romp with blossoming Canadian talent? I say yes.

If we don’t embrace the films made nationally by homegrown artists in front of and behind the camera, then who else is to blame for the drivel and schlock that the corporations are telling us we want to see? No one but ourselves.

By embracing these little films, Rock Paper Scissors, Gravy Train, Untitled Work of Paul Shepard and Moon Point we are helping to foster Canadian filmmaking, and allowing it to stand out and be noticed between endless sequels and recycled plots.

And even if you didn’t like the movie this time, by going out and seeing it at least you made it possible for Canadians to try again. You’re helping to get fresh minds and talent involved in a business that has become stagnant, and afraid to take risks.

Something that our characters in the film learn, and something I have learned in real life… If you don’t take the risk, it’s never gonna pay off.

And finally, it has a kick ass soundtrack by Canadian Indie bands! Check it out!

Episode 8 with April Mullen & Tim Doiron

Welcome to Episode 8, wherein Sue and I sit down and chat with our dear friends April Mullen and Tim Doiron, Canadian filmmakers who brought us Rock, Paper, Scissors: Way of the Tosser, and Gravy Train.

We met up for at Fran’s on Yonge & College for breakfast and chat about favorite films, how they got their start, uncomfortable costumes, making Canadian films, touring, and the malleability of Tim’s hair…

So order some breakfast, I recommend the Morning Glory, and join us for lots of laughs as four friends sit down for a long overdue chat. This podcast interview is a little more informal than those we’ve done so far, and there’s a lot of laughter and smiles.

Also… make sure you come back in the new year for Part 2, wherein we’ll be talking about their new film… Dead Before Dawn 3D!!!!