Not Sidekicks…

Ok Lost Girl.

You’ve got me hooked.

I’m involved in the story and the characters, I’ll watch you every week.

How about something back in return?

I love all the characters of the show (even when they seem to be acting like douches… no names Wolfy McWolfson), but now that you’ve established yourself (and we know something dark is coming), maybe we can find out a little more about some of the, and I hate to use this word, secondary characters…

I had a brief opportunity to chat with all of the cast as they signed memorabilia for me at Toronto’s FanExpo this year (four of them even wished a happy birthday to someone very dear to me – thank you again for that Anna, Ksenia, Rick and Zoie it went over like gangbusters!), meeting them in person finding out what funny, entertaining and gracious people they are with their public just made me want to know even more about their characters on the screen.

For instance I see Lauren in a completely different way now because Zoie is just so warm and witty in person… Which makes me want to know what the Light Fae have over her that she seems to be in servitude to them? What happened there?!

And yes we’ve seen some of Kenzi’s family but what about a story arc for her? True she has some of the best dialogue but what helped shape her? What events in her past led her to where she is? Does she have any friends outside of the fae circle she now wanders in? How have those relationships changed since she’s learned about this other side of reality? What would happen if a love interest for Kenzi got thrown into the mix? Let’s see her kick some ass, I’m sure Bo has given her some training by now, and she’s kinda street to start off with, I bet she could handle herself pretty well.

Hale… We all want to know more about the Siren! We know he’s royalty, but how about a Hale-centric tale? With those abilities isn’t he a little cooler than just being Dyson’s ‘wing-man’? The answer’s yes, just so you know. Hale for Ash! And he wears the best hats! In terms of cool factor, he has the highest on the show, he just emanates it. Maybe we could follow him around on a case, a very film noir deal with hard drinking femme fae fatales and fisticuffs.

And let’s not forget Trick, my favorite character in the series, he’s enigmatic and always seems to know more than he lets on. We know he’s the Blood King, and that he can change the future and even destiny by using blood for ink in his book, but it’s never enough for me.

Although, admittedly, in Trick’s case I do believe less is more, I would love to learn more, and see a number of Trick-centric plots, but I never want to know everything about him, cause I think the mystery really works for his character, and with that gleam in his eye you know there’s always something else up his sleeve.

So please Lost Girl… How about some time with all those characters who very much are NOT SIDEKICKS!

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